profile sm4As the MLA for Colchester North, I'm pleased to provide this website as a useful and informative resource.

My committment as a MLA is to be open and approachable to all residents of Colchester North. I invite you to share your ideas, concerns and/or questions. Together we can seek solutions.

Karen Casey

Heating Assistance Rebate Program

Applications are now open for Nova Scotia's Heating Assistance Rebate Program. An additional 5,000 people are eligible this year for up to $200 in savings on their home heating bill.



Making physical and community activities a part of our daily lives is very important. One of the ways our government provides support is through investments in the Recreation Facility Development Program. These investments help communities remain connected and vibrant. They are also part of the Culture Action Plan.

This year a total of $1.8 million has been provided across the province to establish new facilities and/or to upgrade existing ones to support that priority. These grants help community groups and not for profit organizations development facilities and increase public participation. A total of 60 projects have received funding.

I am pleased to announce that the Lower Onslow Community Centre is one of the recipients. This Centre is a vital part of the Lower Onslow community. The new investment of $15 000 through the Recreation Facility Development Program will enhance the Community Centre with a new play space that will promote an active lifestyle. Natural play spaces take advantage of our surroundings and encourage and promote outdoor activity.

Volunteers at the Lower Onslow Community Centre are to be congratulated for their ongoing work at the Centre and I want to thank them for the continued growth in the community. Volunteerism comes from the heart and these volunteers do tremendous work.

I am pleased to see this investment in a very worthwhile project and encourage other community groups and not for profit organizations to take advantage of our government investment opportunities.

Another opportunity available to communities is through the Community Facility Improvements Program. This program provides funding for community projects that allows them to upgrade their facility. In many communities these facilities are the hub of activity and the Liberal Government continues to work with our communities through investments in their projects.

The Bass River Community Centre Association has done great work through fundraising and the efforts of volunteers to revitalize the Centre. This Centre has been a hub of activity and the need to replace windows in the building is supported by government with a grant through the Community Facility Improvements Program.

In addition, constituents in Londonderry have expressed their concern to me about their community centre and I am pleased that our government is providing funding for maintenance upgrades, including roof, foundation and washrooms. Many of us who support the Community Council in Londonderry regularly attend their fundraising activities. As the MLA for Colchester North, I am very pleased to announce this support of $27 000 to the Londonderry Community Council.

Congratulations to both the community of Bass River and to the community of Londonderry and to the volunteers who I see at every event. I commend them for their belief in the community and the hard work it takes to keep these centres as a hub of activity. I look forward to the work that can now be completed with this financial assistance from the Liberal Government.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North

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