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We are now into the holiday season with Christmas shopping and folks are busy with Christmas baking, craft sales, church services, Christmas concerts and homes and businesses well decorated. All of these activities provide opportunities for us to celebrate with family and friends.

Christmas is also a time for giving. Children are excited and wait in anticipation for the gifts that they will receive on Christmas morning. The happiness and excitement shows in their faces. It is important however, to remember that not all children are fortunate enough to experience this happiness and excitement and many of those children are here in our own communities.

Many of you do take this opportunity to “make” Christmas for the less fortunate. There is nothing more exciting than shopping for a family who you know is in need. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the appreciation on the faces of those who answer the door when you drop off their gifts.

We often forget that those in need may be our neighbours. One of the strengths of our province and its rural communities, is that people do care for one another. Pause for a moment, think about the folks in your community and make a commitment to make some child’s Christmas morning something positive to remember. The gift may be small, but it may be the only gift that child receives and even though the gift is small, the reward is huge. The sense of satisfaction that you feel in your heart is one not easily forgotten. Your own Christmas morning will be better knowing that you have helped put a smile on the face of some child.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

Karen Casey, MLA Colchester North

2019/2020 Legislative Page Program

The House of Assembly is accepting applications for the 2019/2020 Legislative Page Program.

The Page Program allows students and recent graduates to participate in the legislative process.  As well as being a great educational opportunity, it is a way to earn income during the academic year.

To learn more about the Legislative Page Program, students can go online to the Nova Scotia Legislature website – CLICK HERE.  Or alternatively, going to and proceed to the employment section listed under Get Involved.

Grow your career. Serve your community.

Serving on an agency, board, or commission can help you grow personally and professionally while making a real impact in your community. The deadline for some applications is November 19, 2018. It’s easy to apply with our new online application.

To learn more and apply visit or call 1-866-206-6844 (toll free).

Heating Assistance Rebate Program

Applications are now open for Nova Scotia's Heating Assistance Rebate Program. An additional 5,000 people are eligible this year for up to $200 in savings on their home heating bill.     For More Information CLICK HERE

No Child Should Ever Go Hungry

Through Nourish NS, your Nova Scotia Liberal government is expanding the school breakfast program to provide a healthy breakfast to every single student in the province, five days a week.


Caregiver Benefit Program

About 600 more Nova Scotians will receive support for providing care to adults living at home through the expansion of the Caregiver Benefit Program.

For More Information CLICK HERE


It was with great pride that I joined the Lieutenant Governor for Nova Scotia, the Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc, along with other dignitaries to officially unveil the monument recognizing the importance of Canadian Forces Station Debert (also known as Camp Debert).

My sincere congratulations to the members of the Debert Military History Society who work constantly to maintain and promote Debert’s military history. Through the Debert Military Museum they have a diverse collection of military memorabilia that attracts visitors to Nova Scotia and in particular, Colchester County. This museum would not be possible without the work of the Society’s members.

Following the outbreak of the Second World War, Canada trained and deployed thousands of military personnel to combat in Europe. In order to meet the requirements for training facilities, the Government of Canada purchased lands in Debert where they could establish a training and marshalling facility. The wide expanse of flat lands in Debert were ideal for such a facility.

Following the purchase of the lands by the Canadian Government, work began to prepare for what became known as CFS Debert. More than 6000 civilians were hired to clear a 31 sq. mile track of land and prepare it for infrastructure, sewer, water, roads and electricity. Streets were named and numbered and many huts, mess halls, warehouses, canteens and other buildings were erected. Along with the civilians, there were thousands of military personnel required to complete the facilities and to begin the movement of troops leaving Canada for the war. For many of these young soldiers, Camp Debert was their last glimpse of Canadian soil.

During the period of training, thousands of soldiers received their training and were issued their weapons before embarking on troop ships that left through the port of Halifax. The community of Debert also flourished with the military presence and at the height of the operation, was said to be larger than the Town of Truro. At the height of the operation, the Camp housed more troops than the total population of the Town of Truro.

The history of Debert must not be forgotten. The generations who remember Debert as it was in the 40’s will soon be gone and it is important that we share the important role that Debert played in the Second World War. These young soldiers fought for the peace that we now enjoy and as Canadians, as Nova Scotians, and as citizens along the shore, we must never forget the history of Camp Debert.

Please stop by the museum in Debert, enjoy the monument that stands in remembrance and visit the museum to view the artifacts and learn more about our history.

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