profile sm4As the MLA for Colchester North, I'm pleased to provide this website as a useful and informative resource.

My committment as a MLA is to be open and approachable to all residents of Colchester North. I invite you to share your ideas, concerns and/or questions. Together we can seek solutions.

Karen Casey

Heating Assistance Rebate Program

Applications are now open for Nova Scotia's Heating Assistance Rebate Program. An additional 5,000 people are eligible this year for up to $200 in savings on their home heating bill.



Birthdays are always special occasions to share with family and friends. Each year Maurice (Editor, Shoreline Journal) helps those along the shore who have reached the age of 90 come together to celebrate. For many of those who are 90+, it is a great opportunity to socialize.

As the MLA, I have participated in those celebrations and it is always a pleasure to join other elected officials at the Economy Rec Centre.


Another group who will be celebrating this month are those who are celebrating their 75th birthday in 2017. Ten years ago folks who grew up along the shore gathered at the Economy Rec Centre to celebrate their 65th birthday. Most are still residents along the shore, two live elsewhere in the province and one returns to Nova Scotia from Alberta.

The event for 2017 will be held on September 30th. Once again family and friends will gather, share stories, fun and laughter together. They will also remember with fondness those who are unable to attend.

Such an event takes organization and communication. Thanks to Carole Dibbon and others who make this possible. As a family member whose sister (Heather Thompson Tomm) will be arriving from Alberta for this event, I too am looking forward to the stories, fun and laughter that they are sharing. Being much younger than this age group, I can really only listen rather than remember!!!! That aside, I do look forward to the event and to see how happy they are to get together on this special occasion.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North

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