• School1

    Tatamagouche Regional Academy Official Opening

  • School2

    Karen with students and staff at the Official Opening of Tatamagouche Regional Academy

  • Boston Tree

    Karen was pleased to enjoy the hospitality of the City of Boston during the annual Christmas Tree Lighting !

  • Boston Tree

    Karen and an RCMP officer were guests on the Channel 5 broadcast of the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Boston.

  • Fraser

    50th anniversary of the Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital

  • Take your MLA to Work Day

    Karen with Pharmacist Todd MacKinnon for Take your MLA to Work Day at Bayside Pharmacy in Bass River

  • Fire Department

    Karen and Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs, with North River Fire Brigade receiving funding from the Emergency Services Provider Fund


profile sm4As the MLA for Colchester North, I'm pleased to provide this website as a useful and informative resource.

My committment as a MLA is to be open and approachable to all residents of Colchester North. I invite you to share your ideas, concerns and/or questions. Together we can seek solutions.

Karen Casey

2019/2020 Legislative Page Program

The House of Assembly is accepting applications for the 2019/2020 Legislative Page Program.

The Page Program allows students and recent graduates to participate in the legislative process.  As well as being a great educational opportunity, it is a way to earn income during the academic year.

To learn more about the Legislative Page Program, students can go online to the Nova Scotia Legislature website – CLICK HERE.  Or alternatively, going to nslegislature.ca and proceed to the employment section listed under Get Involved.

Grow your career. Serve your community.

Serving on an agency, board, or commission can help you grow personally and professionally while making a real impact in your community. The deadline for some applications is November 19, 2018. It’s easy to apply with our new online application.

To learn more and apply visit novascotia.ca/abc or call 1-866-206-6844 (toll free).

Heating Assistance Rebate Program

Applications are now open for Nova Scotia's Heating Assistance Rebate Program. An additional 5,000 people are eligible this year for up to $200 in savings on their home heating bill.     For More Information CLICK HERE

No Child Should Ever Go Hungry

Through Nourish NS, your Nova Scotia Liberal government is expanding the school breakfast program to provide a healthy breakfast to every single student in the province, five days a week.


Caregiver Benefit Program

About 600 more Nova Scotians will receive support for providing care to adults living at home through the expansion of the Caregiver Benefit Program.

For More Information CLICK HERE

 The 2017/18 Budget is the first Budget of the province’s second mandate. This is the first back to back majority for a government in Nova Scotia in close to 30 years. As we begin 2018, it is important that all Nova Scotians understand the success of Premier McNeil and the government in restoring the fiscal health of the province. As the Minister of Finance and your MLA in Colchester North, I was pleased to recently present our second consecutive balanced Budget.

 We want to continue our work to build a stronger province, not just for families today but for future generations. That starts with our own fiscal health and we have laid out a clear, reasonable and sustainable fiscal plan. In fact, our Bond rating from Standard & Poor’s has improved. As well the Parliamentary Budget Office has stated that Nova Scotia is one of three provinces in Canada to have achieved financial balance.

This improvement has been realized through the province making some difficult, but necessary decisions. One of the largest expenses of government is to pay the interest on the current provincial debt. That debt is $15 billion. The 2016/17 surplus has allowed us to make a payment on the provincial debt and Nova Scotia has not been in that position to reduce the debt since 2011.

We are working very hard to ensure that we do not live beyond our means and that we do not continue to add to that debt for future generations to pay. Matching revenue to expenses and balancing the cheque book of the province is not unlike managing our own personal cheque book. It often means making difficult decisions.

The province has continued to invest in Education, Health Care and Community Services. These are all programs that benefit all Nova Scotians in one way or another. We are also in a stronger position to invest in pre-primary, orthopedic wait times, mental health services, supports for expensive take home cancer drugs, opioid addiction programs and in creating an economy that provides jobs for our young people.

January 1, 2018 also marked the beginning of the province’s Tax Reforms. Premier McNeil has said in the past that these reforms would begin once our Budgets were balanced. He has kept that commitment by introducing tax relief to more than 500 000 low and middle income Nova Scotians. This was achieved by increasing the Tax Free Basic Personal Amount allowed for tax credit when filing your Income Tax.

This is the largest tax break in recent history for the province of Nova Scotia. I look forward to your continued support as the province moves forward with tax changes designed to help more Nova Scotians.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North

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