With the Spring Session of the Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature starting on March 26, 2013, it seems appropriate to share some of the issues and legislation that will be debated on your behalf. Let me begin by thanking you for bringing your concerns to my attention. Most of the debate will be a continuation on topics, including, but not limited to:

  1. rural and economic development

  2. increasing power rates by Nova Scotia Power

  3. cuts to public education (65 million)

  4. 6400 Nova Scotians who have lost their jobs under the Dexter government

  5. Nova Scotia Power - their monopoly and guaranteed rate of return to shareholders

  6. loans to large out-of-province corporations

  7. failing to grow the local economy

  8. cancellation of Maine-Nova Scotia passenger ferry (into Yarmouth)

  9. proposed Muskrat Falls project (Maritime Link)

  10. anti-bullying legislation

  11. doctor shortage in rural Nova Scotia

  12. funding for insulin pumps

  13. wait times for orthopedic surgery

  14. tuition costs at universities/colleges

  15. drastic increase of $1 billion added to the provincial debt since the Dexter government was elected.

It is the responsibility of the Official Opposition (Liberal) to hold the government accountable for its actions. It is also their responsibility to provide solutions to the challenges that exist.

As your MLA, I am prepared to stand up for what is in your best interest. That includes focusing on the local economy, investing in education and health, the provincial debt and insuring that our return on investments will allow our young people who wish to stay in Nova Scotia and can find good jobs here at home.

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