June is the one month of the year where we celebrate students’ successes by holding graduations all across the province, but June should not be the only month where we give students the recognition they deserve.

As parents, community and teachers, we all want every student to be happy, successful and proud of their accomplishments. What graduation day in June provides is an opportunity for us to publically acknowledge their achievements. North Colchester High School has a history of which they can be very proud. The most recent graduation on June 27th was no exception.

The community of parents, friends, business leaders and others along the North Shore once again packed the gym to be part of the celebration. I was pleased and proud to bring greetings to the graduates as the MLA for Colchester North. I recognized the importance of the usual message about how parents, teachers and community have helped make the young men and women who are graduating who they are and how everyone has contributed to their success.

However, I felt it important to look at the graduates through another lens. I reversed the lens and looked at how parents, teachers and community have been positively impacted by these graduates. These sons and daughters have worked hard and have made a commitment to themselves and to their parents to be successful.

In school they have contributed to the school spirit, to the academic and athletic life of the school and have given many hours of their time to make North Colchester High a school to be recognized. They have also given so much to their community, whether it is through part time employment, volunteering in community projects, fundraising for charity, or donating their time to help others.

Tatamagouche is a stronger community because of the commitment of these graduates. It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge these accomplishments through the reading of resolutions in the Legislature. Once a resolution is read and approved by all members of the Legislature, it becomes a part of the history of Nova Scotia. Since my election in 2006, I have been able to acknowledge the accomplishments of many students from North Colchester High and those accomplishments include successes and contributions both within the school community and other organizations like 596 Phoenix Squadron, 4 H, Tatamagouche Figure Skating Club and other personal achievements.

The communities along the North Shore are richer because of these young people. We know these graduates will remember the valuable lessons they have learned from their parents, the teachers and the community. Let us not forget the lessons we have learned from them and the richness they have brought to us. Congratulations graduates. I wish you all the best and thank you for your contribution to society.

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