It was with great pride that I accepted my invitation to participate at the recent announcement in Debert regarding the expansion at Home Hardware’s Eastern Distribution Centre. The Debert Industrial Park is a hub of a business and holds the potential to further boost the economy in this part of rural Nova Scotia. Home Hardware chose Debert for its Distribution Centre in 1964 and has proven to be an asset in many ways.

Colchester-North MLA Karen Casey chats with Home Hardware officials during a recent

announcement in Debert regarding the expansion at the company’s eastern distribution centre.

Over the years the employment opportunities for men and women throughout Colchester County have continued to grow and Home Hardware currently employs 230 fulltime and 50 part time staff. As President Paul Straus stated, “Debert is an important part of Homes’ business and I would say to President Straus “Home is an important part of Debert’s business”.

With a 19 million dollar boost per year to our economy, we need to collectively say thank you to Home Hardware. The announcement of the expansion has been well received. Eighteen acres of land will accommodate the expansion and is necessary in order to respond to the huge increase in distribution volume in Atlantic Canada. The project will ensure the retention of the current workforce and I was interested to learn that some of the employees who are currently at the Distribution Centre have joined the workforce there over 30 years ago. They took a job and made it a career. They were able to find good paying jobs close to home and they have made a valuable contribution to the success story in Debert.

Home Hardware treats their employees well and in return the employees serve Home Hardware well. Home Hardware offers a competitive salary base with benefits that make it an attractive place to work. With 3 shifts operating workers have some flexibility in choosing the shift that most suits their lifestyle. The shifts are permanent, in that they do not change from one week or month to the next. In fact, some workers have stayed on an afternoon or evening shift for more than 15 years.

All job vacancies must be posted and employees who wish to change their shift may apply, but many are not interested in changing. They have found an employer and employee conditions that meet their need and they are happy with both.

It was equally exciting to learn that during the expansion the contractors have agreed to hire local tradesmen and labourers. This is greatly appreciated and acknowledges the strong workforce that we have in this area. Home Hardware also contributes to the economy of the area by contracting out to local companies, things like lawn care, snow removal, supplies and equipment.

On behalf of all of the constituents in Colchester North and beyond, I want to offer my sincere appreciation to Home Hardware for choosing Debert as their Easter Distribution Centre and for their confidence in further investing in the current expansion. They have acknowledged this is a good place to do business and they are right. Congratulations. This project ensures the retention and growth of the current workforce as the expansion reaches completion.

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