Let me join the many folks who are taking the opportunity to say “Congratulations”, “Thank you”, “Best Wishes” to Mike Belliveau as he moves on to another time and place in his life. I have often told students that life is really a book with blank pages. You write the book and populate those pages with the choices you make. Only you can write that book; others will read it; you must be proud of the story it tells. So it is for Mike. He has written many chapters in “his book”, and the story it tells is one of which we are all proud.

My introduction to Mike was through North Colchester High School when I was working with the School Board… and I immediately grew to respect him to appreciate his support for students and to value his contribution to the school community.

Of particular interest to me was the Student of the Month initiative founded by Mike at North Colchester. That was 22 years ago and it continues to this day. This has allowed hundreds of students, both male and female, to be acknowledged for their contribution to the school. Whether it was for academic achievement, athletic ability, leadership, citizenship, organizational skills, or community involvement, it gave students the recognition they deserved.

One of the great privileges I have as an elected member of the Legislative Assembly in Nova Scotia is to present resolutions to the entire Assembly. I use this as an opportunity to recognize the achievements of my constituents. Once a resolution is presented, it becomes a part of the permanent history of the Province. It gives me great pleasure and pride to stand in my place and to read a resolution for every “Student of the Month” from North Colchester High. I have appreciated the co-operation from Mike and from the administration at the school as they provided me with the names each month. Each student then receives an official Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Provincial Legislature, and this seals their entry into the history books of the Province of Nova Scotia.

This has been made possible because of Mike, who, in his own quiet and humble way, has helped build the character of so many students, and has allowed their contributions to school and community to be celebrated. To you Mike, let me say, that is a chapter in your book of which you can be very proud.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North

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