Protecting personal and public property is one of the great services provided by volunteer fire brigades throughout the province. Communities feel safe knowing that these volunteers are only a phone call away. Sometimes that service is provided as first responders to attend to motor vehicle accidents, to rescue people and animals in distress, to provide emergency medical aid, and of course for fire related incidents. Whatever the call, we are comforted to know there are men and women in our brigades who respond.

It was recently brought to my attention by Eric Moore from the Economy Fire Brigade that access to both motive and diesel fuel was a challenge, not only for Economy, but also for brigades in Five Islands and Bass River. None of these communities have a local service station or gas bar and travelling to their nearest service centre includes time and distance to Parrsboro or Great Village. Time is of the essence no matter what the call to the brigade.


Hearing from all three brigades that this was a concern allowed me to approach the Department of Municipal Affairs. This department is responsible for the Emergency Services Provider Fund and the need for tanks on site along the shore was quickly approved. I was pleased to join the Chief of Five Islands, Darrell Spence, the Chief of Economy, Geoff McLaughlin, and the Chief of Bass River, Alfred Grue, as well as Eric Moore at the Economy Fire Station recently to present them with a cheque to cover the costs for the installation of two fuel tanks.

This central location provides a huge benefit to all three brigades and ultimately a benefit to all residents, property owners and businesses along the shore. It is this type of cooperation that our government is proud to support and as the MLA I want to congratulate all fire brigades across the province for the volunteer services they provide.

Karen Casey, MLA
Colchester North