Webster describes destination as “a place to which a person is going”. In the Tourism sector, a destination is a location to which people are attracted and which offers many opportunities and experiences.

Tatamagouche and area has quickly become a destination. Many attractions along the North Shore provide those opportunities for visitors, whether they are from within our province, from other provinces in Canada, or from beyond our borders. From beaches to parks, to markets and museums, to small open farms, there is much to do and learn in the area.


My congratulations to all of the local business owners who have created a business opportunity, but have also provided an educational opportunity for tourists. Whether it is the Farmers’ Market at the Creamery Square, the Tatamagouche Brewery, Remember Adventures, or the Train Station Inn, these owners have opened their doors to hundreds of visitors.

Other provincially owned and operated facilities provide recreational experiences including Nelson Park, Trans Canada Trail, Balmoral Grist Mill Museum, and Sutherland Steam Mill Museum.

Visits to the Sugar Moon Farm, Yost Vineyards, Appleton Chocolate Factory and Meadow Brook Farm provide an opportunity to experience quality food produced locally using local ingredients and supporting local agriculture. Many of these owners have received regional, provincial and national recognition and have been selected as a top destination in Atlantic Canada.

Many historical and cultural learning experiences take place in these informal settings. Culture and Arts are also celebrated and demonstrated at Sara Bonnyman Pottery, as well as the Fraser Cultural Centre, the Balmoral Kirk, the Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre and the Margaret Fawcett Norrie Heritage Centre. To add to the local community spirit, many of these destinations can be visited by the Tatamagouche Road Train, a first in Nova Scotia. Adventures along the North Shore are endless.

The largest Oktoberfest east of Kitchener-Waterloo takes place on the last full weekend of September each year, with over 3000 party goers visiting Tatamagouche to attend the North Shore Bavarian Society’s Oktoberfest.

In 2017, Nova Scotia welcomed more than 2.4 million visitors to our province. That is the fourth consecutive year where Tourism numbers have increased. With the estimate of Tourism revenues at $2.7 billion, a large number of those visitors chose the North Shore as their destination. A strong Tourism Industry is important to Nova Scotia’s economy, supporting business opportunities and jobs in a vibrant community like Tatamagouche. This was the highest number of tourists to ever visit our province and we are on track to meet or exceed that number in 2018.

Koodos to those business owners who have helped make this area the destination that it is and thanks to all residents along the shore who provide a warm welcome.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North