As your MLA, I am pleased to provide information regarding an expanded Energy Efficient Program. This program will help more Nova Scotia homeowners with their energy bills, as well as reduce greenhouse gases. This reduction in greenhouse gases will help fight climate change by installing energy efficient upgrades in our homes.

Just recently, Nova Scotia Energy & Mines Minister, Derek Mombourquette, announced energy efficient programs that will now be available for homeowners who heat their homes from oil and other non-electrical sources. Nova Scotia is a national leader in energy efficiency and expanding these programs provides cleaner energy for all Nova Scotians.

Under the Home Energy Assessment Program, homeowners are eligible for an energy assessment for upgrades like insulation and windows that are more energy efficient. Rebates are available for completing these upgrades.

The Green Heat Program provides homeowners with information on how to access heating system rebates.

The Efficient Products Installation Program provides energy efficient products to homeowners and renters at no cost. This includes LED lights, water-saving shower heads, hot water system insulation and more.

On average, homeowners completing multiple upgrades could receive a rebate of $1 000 or more. They will also save dollars on their energy bills each year. These programs are administered by Efficiency Nova Scotia. Program funding comes from the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia. For more information visit I encourage all homeowners to learn more about these programs and to take advantage of the benefits they provide.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North