One important part of the Nova Scotia Provincial Budget is the Capital Plan. This Plan supports infrastructure projects in communities across the province. The Capital Plan for 2019-20 is $691.3 million. The infrastructure projects include roads, schools, health care facilities and other Capital grants.

Each year the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) prepares and publishes a 5 Year Capital Plan. This portion of the Plan is announced in November/December of each year and outlines the major Capital projects that will be completed over that 5 year period. Included in those projects are major construction for 100 series highways, improvements and asphalt projects for 100 series highways, routes and trunks and bridge replacements. This Capital Plan is announced early so that construction companies and the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association can prepare their business plans and their responses to tenders called by TIR. The Capital Plan for TIR for 2019/20 is $300 million.

The second major part of our Capital Plan is related to school construction. For the first time this year the Department of Education has also prepared and presented a 5 Year Capital Plan. This also allows for the next 5 years. That plan includes new school construction, school additions and alterations. The Capital for Education for 2019/20 is $63.1 million.

 Aging infrastructure in our hospitals and other primary health care facilities requires significant investment in Capital dollars to replace many of these facilities. Nova Scotians have told us that Health Care is their priority…it is also our priority. From new and renovated operation rooms, to improving cancer care services, to the construction of new community outpatient centres, we are transforming where some of the province’s most special health services are delivered.

Significant investments in the Health Care Redevelopment Project for Cape Breton, the QEII New Generation Project, and the IWK Emergency Room Expansion will be made possible with a Capital Investment of $156.9 million.

The remainder of the investment in the Capital Plan will focus on IT services, capital grants to support other health care facilities, and vehicles and equipment. Our efforts have focused on putting Nova Scotia on a fiscally sustainable path and this has allowed us to build the capacity to invest in Capital projects that Nova Scotians need and deserve.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North