There is something special about the Colchester Community Workshop on Arthur Street in Truro. It is true, they have a great Board of Directors who have guided decision making over the years, and who continue to move the Workshop into the future. Those decisions support and enhance the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities.

The Workshop also has a great network of business leaders and caring individuals throughout Colchester County who provide financial support through charitable donations. These contributions help maintain, enhance and expand the services and opportunities for clients. There is a great network of staff and volunteers who give tirelessly of themselves each and every day to ensure the clients are cared for and supported while at the Workshop or out in the community.


But the most special part of the organization is the clients themselves. They work hard, they greet you with a smile, they are filled with pride and purpose, they learn and practice new skills every day, they become more independent and they make a valuable contribution to society. The Colchester Community Workshop is their home away from home. The Workshop is a not-for-profit society that provides professional development, educational, social and training programs for their clients. The Workshop partners and supporters are passionate about removing barriers for Nova Scotians with intellectual disabilities. The Workshop currently serves 80 clients.

On Saturday, October 19th, the Workshop launched their Capital Campaign, one designed to raise funds for their next project. In Phase I of the project, the former Hallidays building adjacent to the existing Workshop was purchased. This will not only allow space for expansion of training and skills area, but it will also include housing units for some current and future clients. What an exciting opportunity for these adults to experience a more independent lifestyle.

Through the Department of Community Services, and with the full support of our Premier, Stephen McNeil, I was both pleased and proud to contribute $800 000 towards their Capital Campaign. This will support all aspects of Phase II, and the opportunities for their clients is huge. Whether it is training and skill development, life enhancement opportunities, pre-employment skill building, job coaching, it will make a huge difference. The pride and confidence on the faces and in the minds and hearts of the clients should move all of us, both as business leaders, as various levels of government and as individuals to reach out and support those less fortunate, and who face life-long challenges each and every day. They need our love and support.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North