Although temperatures within the last month have not caused us to think cold weather, it is that time of year we need to prepare for the upcoming colder season. The government of Nova Scotia continues to provide programs to assist low income families in keeping their homes warm.

Home Warming is a program for low income families made available through Efficiency Nova Scotia and supported by Clean Foundation, Nova Scotia Power and the Province of Nova Scotia. Home Warming asks us to think about ways to reduce heating and power bills and provides upgrades to those Nova Scotians who qualify. Home Warming offers no-charge energy assessments to eligible Nova Scotians. It is 100% free to all qualified home owners in the province.

You may be one of those Nova Scotians and the Home Warming initiatives will help make your home more energy efficient. To be eligible your maximum annual household income (line 236 from your Notice of Assessment) must meet this criteria.

1 person in the home $25 673 or less per year

2-4 people in the home $47 703

5+ people in the home $67 937

The program supports all heating types (electric, oil, wood, coal, natural gas, etc.) and on average, people who go through the program can see an annual savings of up to 20-30% off their annual heating bills.

In addition to your income you must own a single unit home and be able to provide proof of ownership and it must be your current primary residence and it must be your year round home. If you qualify for Home Warming an energy audit will be conducted to determine the energy efficiency upgrades required. To determine if you are eligible contact Efficiency Nova Scotia at 1-877-434-2136 (toll free) or by visiting Information and Home Warming program applications are also available at my Masstown office. A Home Warming representative will contact you within three weeks of receiving your application.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North