With the recent announcement regarding the UNESCO designation of a Geo Park, that includes much of Colchester North and with Tourism Nova Scotia’s recent launch of Re-Discover Nova Scotia, I am truly excited about the opportunities for us “along the shore”. The Geo Park designation highlights many natural attractions, including the Debert Archaeological sites, Economy River Falls, Thomas Cove and the Five Islands.

We know that many visitors have been and will continue to make this their destination. The new marketing campaign launch mid September by Tourism Nova Scotia adds to that excitement. Throughout the fall season this campaign continues to promote and extend the tourist season by focusing on many activities across the province.

As the Minister of Business responsible for Tourism Nova Scotia has stated, “this is a great time of year to visit a new part of the province and to support local businesses”.

I am optimistic that these visits will include areas in Colchester North. The dramatic fall colors, the delicious food and the exciting adventures put our area front and centre for any visitors. We live in a part of the province that gets better with every season. There are many ways to enjoy our spectacular fall season.

With travel restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, we must rely more than ever on visitors from within our province. The increased volume of traffic along the # 2 highway, the high volume of campers registered at the Five Islands Provincial Park, the huge number of daily visits to the Economy Falls, the walking tours at Thomas Cove, where the parking lot is full on a Sunday afternoon, and bass fishing at Saints Rest are a testament to the increased interest in our area.

Tourism revenues last year have attributed to 38% of the spending in Nova Scotia to Nova Scotians themselves travelling throughout the province.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a widespread impact on the tourist industry, including local organizations and events. Just like you, I am very proud of our part of the province which we call “along the shore”. Please encourage and welcome all visitors to the area and show them the friendly hospitality for which we are known and for which we are proud.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North