Once again the residents of Tatamagouche and area get a Gold Star for Community Spirit.

On the late afternoon of Monday August 29th, an unfortunate accident occurred on the construction site of the new P-12 school. This was an industrial accident, with no injuries to workers or others, but its effects were soon felt as the break in the water main sent thousands of gallons of water rushing over ground and through the sewer system to the buildings on the lower side of the village.

In particular, Foodland, some private homes, Ocean Lanes Bowling and Balmoral Motel began to immediately experience damage. With the quick action of the volunteer firefighters, as well as EHS and community members, the team of volunteers jumped into action. Water pressure was getting low and a delay in having the water shut off, caused some homes to have little or no water.

My first reaction was to visit the site to get briefed on the accident, and then to visit the affected areas. Top of mind was the Lillian Fraser Hospital, where I was met with a smile and a positive attitude…”lost a bit of pressure, but we are fine”.

Next stop was Willow Lodge, where Betty Matheson had the same positive attitude…”we are fine”. It was then on to Foodland…where Darren & Sherry also met me with a smile. But they were also holding back tears as they spoke of the immediate and excellent response from the community as volunteers joined them in the clean up.

My stops at the Balmoral Motel and Ocean Lanes were equally positive in the midst of damage. There was one common theme…rather than being bitter or angry about the accident, they were thankful, determined to clean up and move on.

It would have been very easy to look for someone to blame. Rather, they were talking about support from their friends and neighbours, and the hope that there would be lessons learned by the construction crew, the project manager and the Municipality. This was truly a wonderful display of community spirit, positive attitude and neighbours helping neighbours.

Congratulations from your MLA!!