The Government of Canada and the Government of Nova Scotia have reached an Agreement under the new Infrastructure Funding Program that will benefit residents in Colchester North. I am pleased that the Province of Nova Scotia is contributing to Clean Water and Wastewater Infrastructure projects. This is an excellent example of co-operation, and that co-operation will benefit hundreds of constituents right here at home.

 In total, the Province of Nova Scotia, as announced by Premier Stephen McNeil, is contributing $43 million to support over 90 projects across Nova Scotia. These projects are designed to ensure that we have the necessary infrastructure to support our residents. The projects will focus on repairing and upgrading existing facilities. The Federal Government has contributed $86 million to this Program.

To be specific, residents in Debert will see upgrades to water and sewer services, as well as stormwater conveyance and management systems. These upgrades are part of the future development of the Debert Gateway Project. Total project is $750 000, with $560 000 funded jointly by the Federal and Provincial Governments. In addition, the construction of a new, larger pumping station in Debert will be made possible with over $1 million of Federal and Provincial funding. A third project in Tatamagouche is designed to improve their Sewage Collection System, with the replacement of aging clay tiles and concrete pipes.

In addition to the Federal/Provincial Agreement, the Province of Nova Scotia is supporting eligible projects through a cost-sharing arrangement with the Municipality. Under the Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program, the Province of Nova Scotia is contributing up to 50% of the eligible costs toward Bank Stabilization in both the Salmon River and the North River. Also, under the Provincial Capital Assistance Program, the province is supporting a System Repairs Project in the Tatamagouche Water Tower.

To be eligible for Federal and Provincial funding, these projects must meet established criteria, and must be submitted by the Municipality for consideration. As the MLA, I am excited about the improvements that these investments will provide to the residents of Colchester North. This is truly an example of co-operation between and among all levels of government.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North