What better way to kick off the festive season than to join with firefighters, their families and friends at their annual Christmas party. In the last ten years as your MLA, I have enjoyed the Christmas party at the Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade. This year was no different. There are great cooks in the community and the meal is always delicious. There is lots of fun and laughter and a few jokes as Santa distributes gifts to all those attending. Musical entertainment provided by local musicians is also a highlight. But it is the friendship and support between and among all of us there that is truly in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

In his introduction of me, the emcee reminded everyone that I speak about MY fire departments and I continue to provide support to all nine fire brigades:

  • Bass River Fire Brigade
  • Debert Fire Brigade
  • Economy Fire Brigade
  • Five Islands Fire Brigade
  • Great Village & District Fire Brigade
  • North River & District Fire Brigade
  • Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade
  • Tatamagouche Fire Brigade
  • Valley Kemptown Fire Brigade

Whether it is being invited to be part of an official photo or to celebrate the official opening of additional bays or to announce provincial funding for equipment designed to keep firefighters safe, to celebrate the purchase of a new truck or to attend fall auctions to raise money for additional equipment. All of these activities demonstrate my appreciation for the ongoing volunteerism displayed by firefighters every day. Hundreds of hours of training are part of a firefighter’s duty. Being on call and leaving work or family events in the case of an emergency are often the things that go unnoticed.

I want to thank everyone involved as a firefighter, as a member of the auxiliary, as a fundraiser and as a supporter for your commitment to the safety of our homes, our property and our families. Going to bed at night knowing that this trained team is ready to respond quickly is very reassuring. On behalf of all of my constituents in Colchester North let me say thank you and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Karen Casey, MLA
Colchester North