Making physical and community activities a part of our daily lives is very important. One of the ways our government provides support is through investments in the Recreation Facility Development Program. These investments help communities remain connected and vibrant. They are also part of the Culture Action Plan.


This year a total of $1.8 million has been provided across the province to establish new facilities and/or to upgrade existing ones to support that priority. These grants help community groups and not for profit organizations development facilities and increase public participation. A total of 60 projects have received funding.

I am pleased to announce that the Tatamagouche and Area Trails Association is one of the recipients. The new investment of $20 000 through the Recreation Facility Development Program will provide funding for trail upgrades. The volunteers of the Association are helping to maintain multiuse trails that allow Nova Scotians to experience nature, to promote healthy living and to have access to areas of our province that otherwise would not be available.

Volunteers of the Tatamagouche and Area Trails Association are to be congratulated for their ongoing work and I want to thank them for the continued growth in the community. Volunteerism comes from the heart and these volunteers do tremendous work.

I am pleased to see this investment in a very worthwhile project and encourage other community groups and not for profit organizations to take advantage of our government investment opportunities.

In order to share the story of the history of the Acadian Settlement in the Tatamagouche area, the Creamery Square Heritage Society has received a grant of $8 000. This funding is available through the Strategic Development Initiative of the Government of Nova Scotia. It encourages the development of projects designed for use by community museums, not for profit groups, regional development authorities and other bodies exploring heritage objectives. The history of the Acadians throughout our province is important and projects such as these help to preserve and promote that history.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North