I am pleased to announce our Minister of Health and Wellness, Randy Delorey, is taking the time to travel across the province to meet with and listen to health care professionals who deliver quality care to Nova Scotians every day. I am very pleased that Tatamagouche and the Lillian Fraser CEC was chosen as one of those visits on August 29th and while there the Minister had a tour of the Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital.

 Minister Delorey met with health care providers, including Dr. Rob Bush and Dr. Dan MacDonald, the nurse practitioner, social worker and others in what Minister Delorey described as a most meaningful conversation. They talked about the CEC and collaborative care models, what has worked, what some of the challenges have been and ideas moving forward. I have been working with Dr. Bush to provide an opportunity for him to speak directly with Minister Delorey and being part of the provincial tour provided an excellent opportunity for them to meet.

Hearing first hand from these professionals is the best way for Minister Delorey and our Government to understand the challenges and to listen to and respect their solutions. Being on the frontline of health care delivery gives them a perspective that needs to be shared.

During the provincial campaign in May 2017, our Government heard very clearly that improvements were needed in the delivery of health care. This tour by the Minister is designed to hear directly and in a constructive environment exactly what those improvements should be.

As the Minister of Finance, I will be delivering a Budget on September 26th. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to respond in a positive way to provide supports that will improve the delivery of health care. This will build on many initiatives that were presented in the spring budget. Our goal is to continue to listen, to learn, and to support our health care professionals so they can continue to provide quality health care in a timely fashion to all Nova Scotians.

The model for delivery and the financial support for that model will be reflected as we move forward. Nova Scotians returned our Liberal Government with a second consecutive majority government and we thank Nova Scotians for the confidence they have placed in our leadership. Establishing a strong fiscal plan and living within our means will allow us to continue to invest in services like health care and education…services Nova Scotians deserve and expect.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North