Let me begin by extending a welcome to Dr. Lisa MacKinnon, who has recently joined the staff of physicians providing health care to residents along the north shore. Lisa will bring the complement of physicians back up to four including Dr. Rob Bush, Dr. Dan MacDonald and Dr. Michael Glasgow.

Residents have been patient and sometimes frustrated with the speed of the recruitment process, however, I do want to congratulate all those who continue their efforts and who were successful in bringing Lisa to the community.

 As the MLA for Colchester North, I want Lisa to know that Tatamagouche is one of the most progressive communities in the province. Population is growing, new businesses are starting, a new school is soon to open, and during the summer months the population doubles when cottagers arrive for the summer season.

This is a community that has once again, in the most recent past, joined together to support and help each other. The success of the community is built on this very foundation.

The Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital continues to provide quality health care through their collaborative model. Individual physicians attend to their patient’s needs in a highly professional manner. This combination of facilities, health care staff, including nurse practitioner, registered nurses, technicians and other staff, provide ongoing support for the physicians as they deliver quality health care. I know that Lisa will become a part of that delivery model and bring her expertise to the team.

Karen Casey, MLA

Colchester North